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Medical grade herbs has been a controversial issue in both the healthcare industry and society at large. The benefits of herbs use as an alternative to conventional medication have long been associated with negative stigma associated with medical herbs has made it difficult for the validity of its affect as a medical treatment to be recognized and respected.

Botanical Healthcare seeks to validate the benefits of the use of medical grade herbs by conducting studies with the informed consent and participation of medical grade herb patients by providing safe access to information where to find clinically tested, high-quality medical herbs with the goal of identifying and verifying the best types of herbs to treat medical conditions. Botanical Healthcare practitioners are required to participate in continual education regarding phytocannabinoid therapies as well as the medical conditions patients may present to provide and informed understanding of patient care. Our Specialists use the information provided by the patient to procure the best medication to aid in the alleviation of their symptoms and conditions. 

We understand the confidential nature of patients' personal information and the best safeguards possible will be used to ensure the protection of sensitive material. We work with doctors and health professionals to understand the ailments patients face and strive to aid in them in promotion of better health and quality of life. Botanical Healthcare uses the information gained through patient and doctor participation to form the basis of a clinical study in which we can identify the properties of medical herbs that are most effective and validate those findings within the healthcare community.

With the practical knowledge gained through in-depth study and the validation of the medical values of medical herbs, we aid theAlternative Medicine Community in providing education and care for patients and in working with government agencies to help develop the best practices and use regarding medical grade herbs as a holistic treatment.

Washington State Medical Research Licensed 2018

This is a closed door facility for research ONLY. We do not sell or distribute cannabis/CBD. 

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